Weekend Succeed.

Friday I de-installed Tomas Moreno‘s installation in the Seerveld Gallery, with Abby, Emily, Dayton and Tomas. After that, Abby, Emily and I went downtown to the Bottom Lounge to see Josh Ippel‘s band, Cains and Abels. There we ended up meeting up with Rowley, who invited us to a gallery opening the next day.

So I ended up going downtown Saturday early to see a gallery opening at Andrew Rafacz Gallery for artist Matt Stolle, who I had previously met at the Art Institute. He works in the Print Room there, and substitute taught my printmaking class. Also, he will be co-teaching my contemporary art interim class with my art history teacher, Rowley Kennerk.

We were also invited to a new gallery that’s opening, called DIG, this upcoming Friday. Josh Ippel and Jonathan Dawe have recently opened this gallery, featuring work by Grand Rapids artist Juan Garcia. Emily and I are thinking about attending this.

From the gallery opening at Andrew Rafacz, We went to the meeting Dayton emailed us about. Tomas, Bert Stabler, Dayton, Karen, Emily, Abby and myself were there. It was a fantastic meeting where we discussed opportunities to build a Christian based art community focused on participating in the real art world.

We are having another meeting on Monday night to discuss further another group plan, and reconvening on January 24th, where Bert is planning on presenting his work.


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