23. January 2010

Today we were invited by Tomas Moreno to go to Pilsen for a gallery tour. We went to the Chicago Art Department, the Ben Russell space, as well as Co-Prosperity Sphere, where we met up with Ed Marszewski, one of the directors, who provided us with a free copy of Proximity as well as a pretty sweet shout-out. Overall, the day was filled with good art.

We returned back to helping Hideous Beast with their upcoming installation. Basically, what this has consisted of so far is me checking out 93 books from the Library as well as collecting various (dead) plants from the woods. It’s been pretty great to work with these two though, as weird as it sounds.

It has definitely inspired me to try a few things out in my art career.

We had the church tour for Covenant Presbyterian this past thursday with Dayton Castleman and Bert Stabler. Tomas came, as well as a few other people I am starting to get to know, including Bryce Dwyer (from InCUBATE), Matt Ritsman, Mike Wolfe, Katie Fizdale, and some others.

It was good to have this. We have our small group meeting tomorrow at 7:30 at Jennifer Norback to view Dayton‘s show. Luckily, Bert and I were able to escape this month without having to present because of Dayton’s show. We’ll see how long I can get out of that one.

I’ll update more about the tour on Thursday and tomorrow’s meeting soon.



PS- I now have a link from a Chicago artist’s blog to this page. How weird is that?


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