Our New Brainchild.

Abby, Emily and I have recently been working as a collaborative group to change the things in the department we think need change, mostly additions. Under the impression that we need to take things into our own hands, and that we can’t wait around and expect faculty to do everything for us, we began writing down different ideas of things we would like to see happen.

We came across the idea for The Fountain (Named after Marcel Duchamp’s The Fountain), which came down to being a one page newsletter featuring information about a show that was up in Chicago, as a way to inform art students of what is going on in the city, in hopes that they will check it out or at least be aware. We put these in all of the bathrooms of the ARCC and the classroom building.

We decided, from there, to turn the Fountain into a webblog. This was a decision after we came across the idea to produce a calendar of events that we could post around the department, as to eliminate the excuse “Well, I didn’t know”.  The calendar is featured on there as is the edition of the Fountain newsletter. We want to expand on the newsletter to update it weekly rather than once a month as to generate more information about shows. Since, outside of the institution, shows don’t generally stay around for that long.

We are also looking at contributing reviews of different shows from around Chicago, as well as reviews from the shows at Trinity, both in the Seerveld Gallery and on the Student Gallery Wall.

In addition, we, of course, are looking at doing some collaborative installations together, and one is currently in progress. I’ll include pictures and information about it when the time comes.




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