6 February 2010

I have not done well at updating this at all.

I have begun four independent projects/installations in the past week, so i’ve been kind of busy. Also, we (Callahan—It’s a collaborative project between myself, Emily VanHoff and Abby Christensen) are still working as a collaborative on our Paper Cranes project, which needs to be finished by February 25. Good news, we’re about half done.

Hideous Beast‘s Survival School show is up and open. I’ll get pictures up sometime. But here’s some information of their upcoming special events:

  • Feb 17 | Observational Drawing   Seerveld Gallery, 5-7pm
  • A plant drawing and recognition workshop.  Drawing materials will be provided.  Bring found vegetation to add to the collection.
  • Feb 24 | Camp Crafts   Seerveld Gallery, 5-7pm
  • A workshop dedicated to making traps, shelters and knots.  Materials will be provided but please bring some to share.
  • Feb 25 | Artist Slide Lecture, 6pm
    ARCC Lobby

Went to DIG last night for Chicago photographer David Sampson‘s opening. It was a pretty good show overall, great people.

Went to Co-Prosperity Sphere for the Lumpin release party last night as well.

I’ve been working with John Bakker to finish his show for Wheaton College, which we completed installing yesterday. It’s been a busy last week.

Cains and Abels is having a show this Friday (February 12) at 8pm at Reggies Rock Club (2109 South State Street), which I plan to attend. Saturday is the opening at the Rowley Kennerk Gallery for Molly Zuckerman-Hartung.

I’ll update more later tonight. Got to get back to work.




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