15 Feb 2010.

Thursday, I went to two lectures for CAA. The first was called Life Loggers: Chronicling the Everyday. It featured Artists Stephen Cartwright (University of Illinois, Urbana), Renato G. Umali (University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee), Prudence Peiffer (Harvard), and Suzanne E. Szucs (Rochester Institute of Technology). Overall, great lecture that accurately represented multiple ways artists have used to catalogue their lives. Abby Christensen, Emily VanHoff and myself were naturally interested in this.

The second was New Challenges for Art Criticism: Relational Aesthetics, Social Collaborations, and Public Interactivity, with Michelle Grabner (SAIC and founder of the Suburban) and Joseph Grigley (SAIC), which we saw for Advanced with Britney Hillesheim and MJ Hegeman.

I went to Co-Prosperity‘s opening on Friday. It was a show for UW Madison Grad school. It had combination work in Print, photo, sculpture, painting and drawing. It was a good three day show.

We (Emily VanHoff, Abby Christensen, Bridget Earnshaw and Carrie Timmermans) then went to Cains & Abels show, which was fantastic (although short due to a Battle of the Bands for SxSW).

Saturday I went to the openings at Rowley Kennerk Gallery, threewalls, and Western Exhibitions with Emily VanHoff, Abby Christensen, Bridget Earnshaw and Stacey Koning. We ran into Dayton Castleman, and Bert Stabler.

Bert Stabler‘s event at the MCA is on Tuesday. Then, Hideous Beast has their first event at Trinity on Wednesday. Thursday is John Bakker‘s show at Wheaton College.

Also, new edition of the Fountain went up.

Critique is on Wednesday. I’ll get pictures up with a formal update on my work after that.

busy week. great week,




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