6 March 2010.

  • New show opened at Trinity on Thursday. Wednesday, I helped Josh Ippel install the show for Jeff DeKock. Just add that one to my resume. I missed the opening talk, however.
  • Why did I miss the opening talk? I went to an opening at (Con)Temporary Art Space, which is a part of the Pop Up Art spaces in the Loop of Chicago.
  • Second, why did i miss the opening talk? I went to hear a free lecture by Hal Foster at the Art Institute of Chicago on the influence of Dada, specifically Hugo Ball. Definitely worth it.
  • DIG opening on Friday for artist Christine Huck. Met her, she seemed very interesting. Tomas was there as well as Bryce Dwyer, one of the leaders over at InCUBATE. Also, it was posted on the Gallery Crawl website as one of the first posts, which was fantastic, and which also meant a ton of people unfamiliar with Josh and Jonathan showed up. Which, i suppose, is just a testament to the influential power of Stephanie Burke, who I met for a second time as Co-Prosperity‘s Typeforce opening.
  • Tomas got into a show at Co-Prosperity, so that means another installation. Also, found out this is going to be during Version Fest, whose theme this year is infrastructures and territories, which Tomas‘ work would be PERFECT for.

Still waiting for

  • Next meeting for Covenant Presbyterian Art Group in March after spring break, which hopefully means I’ll see Bert Stabler, who I feel like I haven’t seen in a long time.
  • Critique # 2 has been moved to after Spring Break. Haven’t decided if this is a good thing. This class, honestly, is annoying me to death. I’ve definitely slacked off, just because I can. And because I’m irritated.
  • Stephen Monkemeier‘s show will take place during spring break as well, which is great.
  • After Spring break, paper cranes will be going up. We promise.

Still haven’t made it to Andrew Rafacz.

I think my blogging skills are decreasing. I’ll work on that. Although I think this one went better than the last.




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