Update 20 April 2010.

Okay, seriously people, I really am awful at updating this thing.

  • Well, for one, I got a new portfolio site up and running.
  • For two, four of my pieces (III, IV, I Wish I Could Forget and Phantom Other) got into our show at school. ***Sub note, i finished my book, obviously, since it got in the show.
  • For three, Varsity SARS went wonderfully, I met about 10 new artists.
  • For four, VERSION FEST is opening on Thursday. Tomas Moreno, Dayton Castleman, Hideous Beast. etc
  • For five, Dan Siedell came and lectured at our school. As well, he did a studio critique with myself, Abby Christensen, Emily VanHoff, and Melinda Hegeman.
  • For six, James Yood is here at school tonight.
  • For seven, Bert Stabler got his space for his PROM show.
  • For eight, DIG had its fourth opening.
  • For nine, Cains & Abels finished their fantastic NE tour and released a video.

I’ll get back to this soon enough. Too much crap to talk about, not enough time to type.




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