I’m learning how to weld

How many girls can honestly say that? Let’s be real. Not to play the gender card or anything but really… this is my life lately (with Justin (left) and Karl (right)… and Bee (not pictured):

So, lately has been a bit out of the box (hah, not being punny) for me lately in terms of the things I am making. I am in a sculpture class, and I am not really “talented” when it comes to the three-dimensional, although I do have a great respect for it, and a lot of artists who do have that talent and use it.

I have been building boxes, basically, out of all sorts of materials. First, we began by making a 20x20x20 box out of wood, including batons. Then, we made a 6x6x6 cube out of angle metal (Take that, Donald Judd!). Both were complicated in their own rights, but both rewarding.

Steel box, 1/8 inch angle bar; 6x6x6″ on Gallery Wall

Wood Crate, 1/4inch plywood; 20x20x20″ in Storage.

Now that I am learning how to do a multitude of things, more projects seem to be possible, especially considering many of my works now have turned into temporary installations.

Dayton is pretty cool for making us do this stuff, which I thought I would hate at first.

I do not.


PS–I will legitimately update this later. For a progress report of how my work is going and review of shows I have seen, come back.


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