I’ve been working as the Student Gallery Manager this year for Trinity. This means more responsibility and more hours. Greatttttttt.

In Trinity‘s gallery, there was a show for an artist Josh Ippel knows, Ben Foch. I had seen his work previously at DIG.  The lecture from the exhibit, entitled Maybe She’s Born With It was fantastic (and about a month ago, sorry). Since then, the show for Brandon Alvendia has gone up, incorporating Ben Foch, John Almanza and Dennis Hodges. It is a great and interesting show about communication, painting and celebrity/the ever present question “where are they now?” I’m waiting for that closing lecture; i want to hear this.

We visited the MCA not too long ago, along with Nomadic Studios. I, unfortunately, missed a lecture featuring Bert Stabler. However, I did see the show up at the Post Family. It was, to say the least, intense (it was called More Is More for goodness’ sake. let’s be real).

Over 20 kids (freshmen) showed up for First Fridays almost two months ago (time flies man). This was a huge deal for Trinity’s Art Department, given that there’s only about 40 of us total.

Trinity’s Topics class [Brady Davidson, Caleb Mulder, Naomi Hansum and Kristen Tamminga] (which is entirely senior Graphic Design Majors) had their flag recently go up at Temporary Allegiance. Dayton‘s given them incredible opportunities in terms of public art. They now had four spaces in Trinity’s library to each fill for the month of November as well.

Student Shows:

  • Jenae VanEngen (senior) photography. (Up now)
  • Bee Yang (Senior), paintings. (Up Now)
  • Melissa Demaagd (freshmen), sculpture.
  • Yasmine Fernandez (Junior), paintings/drawings.

We still got Naomi Hansum (senior), & Kristen Tamminga (senior) to go. But come December, Brady Davidson, Caleb Mulder and Myself will have our show go up. God help us all.

I also will be participating in an art show on November 19th. No idea what I will be submitting yet, but I’m working on it (let’s face it, I need to).

And, my work will be going up in November in the Cooper Center on campus. Good news.

I started a new project for advanced. It’s dimensional. Who knows what I’m doing  with my life anymore…

Lots of work [hence the blog title].

By the way, totally being kicked out of my room for a week… yeah. excellent. I have to bag up all my stuff and move to a different room.

My life is a joke.


PS–Pictures to come. I’ll take some “In Process” photos of the work I’m doing. Also, of the work I hang. And maybe of the shows I’m talking about at Trinity’s Gallery and Student work.


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