Six more… Blood-blisters and tack welds

So, I finally finished my letters. (They’re about a foot and a half tall cut out of wood, painted white and added stakes to the bottom) This consisted of me finishing cutting the stakes today, and staple-gunning them to the bottoms of the letters (13 total stakes on 9 letters). Unfortunately, I hadn’t known that I would be using heavy duty staples, and was setting up the brad nailer only to discover that the shortest brads in the shop were 3/4″ ones, when the two pieces of plywood I was connecting together were each 3/8″. Needless to say, the brad would have went all the way through the boards. During this time, I discovered that the nail-gun was jammed and tried to fix it. In which my hand ended up looking like this:

I have about 6 (various sized) blood blisters on my thumb and first two fingers from this entire process. They don’t hurt or anything (only one is a decent size so), but I just find the whole thing hilarious that I have the same amount of blood blisters on my hands as i have tack-welds left to do on my project.

Check it!

It’s only a matter of time.



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