Thesis Show

It went up. Artist lectures were Tuesday. Some of them were really engaging to me. Not to be offensive to those who weren’t, it’s all just a matter of opinion after all. And what’s mine to count?

I got to install in the Chapel yesterday. It all worked itself out. I was counting on installing late, because my final pedestal hadn’t been built/painted since Karl’s grandma died. I made my peace with that, and was actually more than okay to accept that excuse, although I was saddened by the news for Karl and his family, especially given the timing (My grandpa had died the Saturday before so I hadn’t been around).

The chapel assistant, who I had sensed some hesitance from before I installed, actually sent me an email saying she thought the timing was perfect for my installation to be up, with it being Maundy Thursday today, Good Friday tomorrow and Easter Sunday. That was refreshing to hear, considering I had thought about that in producing my work and reflecting on such an occasion. Unfortunately it won’t last through Ascension Sunday, but it’s enough.

Anyways, our lectures were taped. But I have a script/powerpoint I wrote up for such an occasion, as well as images of the show. I’ll load it up probably tomorrow.



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