Tom did you really just say "Yipee"?

So Tom set this thing up for me, because apparently the whole world is ‘over’ wordpress. I appreciate that you entitled it “Melissa’s art crap”, buddy. And the books background.
I just now have to start merging the two, because I’ve been keeping that wordpress account for over a year, and it functions similarly to a sketchbook for me, that I can’t really lose.  (UPDATE: Colin told me how to import. so it happened)
Anyways, working at the gallery, and thinking about this senior show. I just refilled the paper stacks. And now I’m thinking about the letters. (I posted some letters outside which read (in Helvetica) ‘I have fear’ a la Rosemarie Trockel’s Ich Habe Angst circa 1993. you can find pictures below) Anyways, they had a rough time in the winds and storms, which I thought was sort of fitting. But, now, the letters are being moved around. I’m thinking that this is interesting in terms of engaging a phrase that, traditionally, is thought to be difficult to engage and live with. But I’m more wondering if that’s the reasoning, or if people just enjoy messing with things. But, then again, I did talk about the mash up between public and private property when engaging art specifically out of the heritage of Felix Gonzalez-Torres (excerpted from my thesis talk: “This installation also serves to examine and critique the institution by challenging the way people typically engage art; causing the piece to be rooted in responsive activity rather than emotion, which serves to displace contemplative forms of spectatorship that are associated with modernist aestheticism and the presumption that an artwork should belong to a set of recognizable types of material object, amenable to the relations of private property“). Talk about having to really live with your words.
Anyways, I’m not really bothered. For one, not much really seems to irk me, let alone when dealing with my art, especially when I’ve chosen to make a public installation on a college campus made out of movable plywood.
I’ve settled to the idea of merely fixing the lettering once a week, and watching how it goes from there. I’m interested in this engagement, even if it isn’t rooted in a deep conceptual understanding and dialogue but rather a teenage vandalist ideal, mostly because I study people but also I’m interested in all types of reactions. I’ll just document and continue.
Rosemarie Trockel Ich Habe Angst, 1993
emilyvanhoff was kind enough to take some photos when the first install took place, so you have some context:

I should probably also include that right now, my installation reads “FIAVA EF”

I’m taking it as an homage to Flavor-flav.
Sweet work, guys

2 responses to “Tom did you really just say "Yipee"?

  1. WAIT, Tom set this blog up for you and he doesn't even follow it? Fcking slacker.And yes, I'm proud you actually followed my directions.

  2. You don't either, you crackhead.And let me just say "Download, upload" would have been 100x easier directions than what you gave me.

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