What you are, we were once.

This is an update regarding my &&&&& post.

I made a second ampersand. same size, same font (helvetica), same soap (type, not the same bar obviously) to mostly gauge how the two interact and to compare.

The new one (Mind you, this is relatively the same as the old one started off being)

I can’t believe what an impact a minute had. I liked the idea of a short amount of time conceptually, but I was worried about how it would play out in reality (as with most things, especially social theories…[nerd joke]).

Anyways, I felt the photos from before really didn’t give any sort of context whatsoever. They looked rather similar, honestly. but now that they’re next to each other, i think you can really see what i was talking about.

And now I have another one to videotape being run under water.

Look alive, see these bones
What you are now, we were once
Just like we are, you’ll be dust
And just like we are, permanent.

-Nada Surf: See These Bones


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