BA Thesis Show

So today is the reception, from 8-10.

I have been working the gallery for the play, and for regular tours. And the feedback I’ve been getting (overhearing, since most aren’t aware any of my or my friend’s work is in the show and people tend to talk quite loudly without caring who’s around) has been rather hilariously close minded (which is totally fine, whatever)

But today. Today was the day. Retribution, finally! Two touring people came through with an admissions counselor I know. They were asking all these questions about work that is typically ignored, and actually considering the responses, and asking more questions. It wasn’t the typical strained “Eh, that’s.. interesting” response I’ve been getting lately. and I loved it.

Anyways, I’m working on getting my installation fixed up (at the last possible minute, so it’s still in tact for the reception tonight) and they ripped out the pole in front of the ARCC.

Am I happy? Yes! I loved that pole, Dayton, don’t get me wrong. But it is right smack in the middle of the window view from the gallery. And now I don’t have to consider it at all when installing (although I still plan to stick with the original layout that I figured out, taking the pole into consideration, but still… it’s not there!)

Also, stalker update: it’s now gotten to the point where when i type “f” into the browser address location (don’t hate, I don’t know what it’s actually called), the first thing that pops up is “” rather than facebook. I’d call that a major accomplishment.

It didn’t hit me til I picked out her burial dress. I pictured her buying it, not knowing it would be the one.
-The Machinist.

Forgetting’s not something you do, it just happens to you.
-John Fowles, The Collector.

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