Killed killed by birds

Pardon my random Cains & Abels tangent. It’s relevant here, surprisingly.

Anyways, I’ve been making things. Aimlessly, for no apparent reason. and I love it. It’s not that they’re great things, by any means. They’re just things.

Like this. What am I going to do with this? Probably nothing. But at the time, I just really loved the form of the bird that I found. and then I found the text. and I thought it was hilarious. Mostly because it’s from a children’s book. A children’s book that would have been my worst damn nightmare when I was a child, cos it’s pretty close now (I hate birds.. specifically birds I refer to as “herd birds” but that most know as flock birds… crows, pigeons, seagulls) Oddly enough, even in my making random things, I can’t get away from fears. (My fear of birds, my SAFER/FEARS thing I posted last time)… Go ahead and psycho-analyze that one.

My point being: maybe it’s not the most poignant of things. And maybe it’ll never turn into anything. But if you stop producing entirely waiting for your “golden idea” that’s the most brilliant astonishing thing ever… you’re never going to do anything.

Positivity. Right from me.


One response to “Killed killed by birds

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