My Family’s Role In The World Revolution

This is relative to my “If only I had an enemy bigger than my apathy, I could have won” post, but in a sort of tangential way (welcome to my brain, guys).

Anyways, a friend of mine posted a link to this documentary on his facebook (entitled “Dark Girls”, which says is set to release this fall/winter of this year). Typically, I don’t pay attention to a lot of the [crud] that is posted on facebook, but if you knew him, you’d understand why he’s one of about ten people whose posts I regularly read.

The preview (which I’ll tell you isn’t a typical preview; it’s about 9 minutes long, and doesn’t involve the phrase “In a world” or dramatic flashes/bold text) featured a number of telling interviews which played mostly on the psychological/emotional tolls, of the individual, of being segregated even within the black community based on skin color/typical features associated with darker or lighter skin tones (one mainly addressed in the preview, if you cannot watch it now, is hair type). It discusses this discrimination in terms of within the black community, by the media, and outside of the black community, which I thought was a really well-rounded approach.

Anyways, as I was watching it, I thought it was interesting (and not really surprising, not that I’m being completely critical here, just making a statement) that it seemed to be completely psycho/emotional, talking about the effects on the individuals being interviewed rather than focusing on the possible causes (although, credit, slavery was brought up but I feel to be truly “causal” examining, it would have to had delved deeper than a mere surface level mention). Not to say that it was ineffective; it was interestingly moving by most standards.

To my reward for being persistent and watching the entire thing (I use the term persistent here rather sarcastically, since although it seems long for a preview, nine minutes of your time watching it really isn’t a waste like some of the other things I am aware I sometimes spend nine+ minutes doing instead), the second to the last woman finally said something I could totally work with (not to discredit all others interviewed, but as a sociologist and not a psychologist, I tend to look for social trends in terms of cause/effect, rather than individual experience, which can be used to identify larger trends but you know what i mean)

Anyways, tangential point (who knows, if I keep going on like this, it may take you nine minutes to read this), i thought it was interesting when the second to last woman in the preview brought up the disconnect brought on by not having something unifying, like a language, (which can vary by dialect but over all is rather structured and consistent) but just a skin color, that can be so varying and divisive.

Anyways, I’ll get more into this I’m sure, but just consider it/mull it over for a bit. 


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