Shoot me; I’m a total stalker.

But it pays off!

I emailed the Felix Gonzalez-Torres Foundation. (For those of you who don’t know, its a foundation that is wonderfully equipped to respond to inquiries about Torres. love)
Anyways, Lord knows I’m obsessed. But, to explain (mostly a ‘why now’ explanation that involves justifying why I emailed, and proving that I didn’t just stupidly stammer out “I ❤ Torres” like a starstruck 13 year old girl at a JB concert…I didn’t, I swear guys).
I was wondering if they had any information available on the show “Tattoo Collection”, which was featured at Andrea Rosen Gallery, New York, from October 23 – November 28, 1992
(I had then seen a similar show has recently taken place (under the direction of Lawrence Weiner) in Germany). I couldn’t seem to find any texts or internet sources to view images of Torres’ submitted work. And, as you can imagine, google image search gives little in terms of usable results. (So much so that I didn’t even try google image searching ‘lawrence weiner tattoos’, guys).
Anyways, check it out. I had a really crappy image of a scan on my last entry, but this is much more beautiful, plus you can see an install view (of the rub-on transfer, not the tattoo)

2 responses to “Shoot me; I’m a total stalker.

  1. Oh holy shit, you ARE a stalker! And don't even knock J-Biebs and his fans man. You know if FGT came back from the grave you'd go bat-shit crazy obsessed stalker on him.God help us all if that ever happens.

  2. IT WAS FOR A PURPOSE! Also, do I even need to say it? Ten year goals.

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