Done done, done done


7 responses to “Done done, done done

  1. how did i not know you were doing this?? i love it. obviously.

  2. It's been a DAY since you finished these, so get on my print already. Damn, girl. SLOW.

  3. Colin, bite me. You know I need to use your scanner. Ass.Emily, thank you. I had a feeling you would. This is part of my 'practicing tedious tasks that make me want to die but may make me a better person/artist' resolution I took on for the summer. I was going to show you them once I got them scanned in and together, since this is just a shitty phone picture. I didn't tell you at first because I wasn't sure I could actually see this through to the finish, ha ha (You know I'm not kidding). And there were a couple times where I really, REALLY didn't want to. But, I actually love them so very much. But they took forever, so I hated them the entire time during. I don't know how you do it, really. So more power to ya girl.

  4. Do you want me just to hook it up to your computer? You can borrow it for like a week, since it will take you that long to scan those all in since you're so slow.

  5. it very well might take me that long. Also, I might just go up to school when my friend Bridget gets back from MI since they have scanners and they're attached to a printer and have indesign. But you're more than welcome to come if you're bored and want to watch me (try to) use a scanner for a laugh.In short, you might have to wait a week. 🙂

  6. haha, you know me, i'm currently in the middle of folding another 1,000 paper cranes (literally, i'm at 419)… that makes 3,000 in the past year and a half. i need help.& i have a scanner hooked to my computer which has indesign. just saying. although, you would have to be ok with hanging out under my bed for a few hours…

  7. haha, way to make it sound creepy, em. I think you should fill a room or something with them when you're finally done. And by done, I mean at a contented number that you will surely add to later since you need help.

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