LETTERS by melissapeterson
LETTERS, a photo by melissapeterson on Flickr.

Finally finished scanning. And I love it more everyday.


10 responses to “LETTERS

  1. you're becoming more and more like me every day. I need a print of this.

  2. i don't mind that one bit 🙂 haha

  3. You are seriously a crackhead, champ.

  4. I'm just committed, champ.

  5. CRACKHEAD!But seriously, can I get one of these? I'm with that Emily ^^^

  6. kevin, i don't know why i never thought of telling you about emily's work. Look at her portfolio site (linked it below), you'd love it. That pin in my car that you like with the F are from her show (plus she made me those Torres clock pins!)http://emilyvanhoff.com/

  7. Melissa (and Emily, I guess), you were right. Loved it. The work was fantastic. I saw the letters poster you have too, and a couple of other things I assume she had something to do with, when we were looking at your bulletin board/room. This is three-headed Emily, no?(That sounded weird. I meant one of the three heads. As in the screen-print. I really don't think I'm helping my case, but you know what I mean).

  8. Hahahahaha yes, she's part of the three headed dog. Goof.Told you you'd like it.

  9. (just saw this) So glad you like my work! and i'm a proud 3 head member! haha… I need to wear that shirt to work.

  10. you totally should! i got something on mine because i made the mistake of wearing it while babysitting… so i'm trying to figure out how to remove the stain without messing up the print. darn white v necks.

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