Cy on Roman Steps

US artist Cy Twombly has died in a hospital in Rome, at age 83, the director of the Lambert collection in southern France told AFP.
The artist, who was living in Italy and had suffered with cancer for several years, was hospitalized a few days ago, according to Eric Mezil.
An exposition of his photographs opened last month at the Lambert collection in Avignon.
Mezil, who knew Twombly for 20 years, said he had bought a train ticket to visit him next week.
He last saw him in May, he added, when the artist “was doing fine.”
A friend of fellow US artists Jasper Johns and Robert Rauschenberg, Twombly had lived in Italy for 50 years in a town between Rome and Naples. (source)
In remembrance, it seemed appropriate to post Robert Rauschenberg’s Cy + Roman Steps (1952) series of photographs.
Rest in peace.

5 responses to “Cy on Roman Steps

  1. Kevin told me about your eulogy skills. Well done, champ.

  2. "Oh Cy. Robert took photos of you on roman steps. And now you're on that stairway to heaven"CHAMP.

  3. hahaha I was serious! I wish my eulogy could read exactly that, but unfortunately robert never took photos of me on roman steps, or any steps for that matter (nor any photos) so I guess I'll just have to settle for whatever crap someone comes up with… but it better involve some classic rock reference!

  4. Oh, and here I was just planning to play "Great Gig in the Sky" for you on either harmonica or ukulele if I happen to live longer…. (Lord knows you're the only one who can impersonate her voice!)Maybe we'll just set up a lineup. i think it should include: Wheel in the Sky (Journey), Golden Slumbers (Beatles), Knockin' on Heaven's Door (Dylan), Stairway to Heaven (Zeppelin), and Take Me To The River (Talking Heads)If you happen to get killed by someone (God forbid) can we also include Psycho Killer?Also, I assume your death notice pamphlet (the thing you take from the funeral home) should include that crazy letter that man wrote to the other man you're constantly babbling about, no?

  5. I'll ponder that list. but i LOVE LOVE LOVE great gig in the sky. I'm curious to hear these on the uke or harmonica, so you'll have to play them sometime for me (is that morbid?)And YES, YES YES YES YES YES that letter better be the basis for the entire thing! FELIX GONZALEZ TORRES TO ROSS, DON'T YOU FORGET IT! I'll save a picture of it on my computer always, so if I die first you can find it, no excuses. I'm counting on you, kevin!

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