I’ve been working with the tenuous nature of words for awhile with the carving ampersands and newspaper headline mixups and the whole index card construction of It’s Just a Matter of Time (or even my thesis show). So this is really nothing new.

From Pushing Daisies (highly recommend if you haven’t watched) I heard in the series finale (Yet another show that was cancelled that I love) the quote “Endings are where we begin“, and luckily (or not so luckily, depending on how you look at it) I was actually able to let it sink into my subconscious rather than just shake it off as another one of those cliche statements people throw around to describe their current circumstances.

So anyways, I got to thinking about the statement. I wrote it down (quite largely i might add) and drew a bunch of circular shapes around it (I think I was having a transcendent Torres moment there thinking about the cyclical nature of life represented by the phrase) but I let it go for a different project (Give me a break, I was swamped with Sculpture stuff aka making a room inside of a box). but it’s back in full force, along with some other phrases which I’ll eventually upload.

Anyways, when re-looking through my sketchbook, i found it and it got me thinking about something Jake had said to me about how we start to die the minute we’re born (Jake’s an optimist, what can I say?) Then I found about 100 other quotes I wrote surrounding it (I’m very relational… aka seemingly unorganized while being organized… with my sketchbook) that included the following:

  • Endings are where we begin.
  • Everything begins to end.
  • It’s just a matter of time.
  • You already know how this will end.
  • I end up where I started.
  • Listen to the beginning cos it’ll tell you how it ends.
  • The end begins.
  • We begin by beginning.
So from there I decided to also look at the many ways you could read it.

“Endings are where we begin.
Beginnings are where we end”

“End here.
Begin Here.

“Endings are here
Beginnings are here

etcetera, etcetera, facts for whatever. (Couldn’t resist the Radiohead reference once I typed etcetera out)



6 responses to “Begendings.

  1. Wow, you were like the queen of parenthetical statements on that one champ.Also, I completely understood that post. Is being friends with you making me SMARTAHHHH?!

  2. Haha, I thought about that while I was writing it. But, if you could follow it, then I'm probably okay. :)I'm so happy I can help make you smartah. Someone has to.

  3. Radiohead reference: Win.Pushing Daisies plug: Win.Relational brain: Win.Making Tom smartah: There are no words.Can I actually tangibly see these things when I come over? (I realize you don't "see" with your hands, ass, but you know what I mean and how illegitimate it would sound if I said "Touch these" and I'm not looking to give Tom an in here)Thank you in advance (I'll just storm the place if you say no, so whatevah)

  4. Oh gosh, I'm never letting you in my house Kevin, who are you kidding?

  5. I'm digging the new look.

  6. luckily i figured out how to edit it. i love the books and all but it was just too busy for me… not grey enough. hahah

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