So i caved and got one. More or less, it was thrust upon me in the interest of getting me “more involved” in social networking.

Anyways, I’ve been using it, and since I use it for a similar motive as what I use this for (to have an endless trail of thoughts on an internet “sketchbook” that inevitably leads me back to reflecting on Torres), I figure I might as well combine the two. So, as I begin to do that, I will also be updating this with work, but merging the two by “reblogging” (thanks for teaching me your slang, tumblr) the things I find on there on here, with a little explanation,I’m sure, to justify/commemorate my random thought process that dictates why i like the things i like. Also, as a way of remembering what the heck I’m even doing and expanding my conceptual framework, while hopefully engaging your interest. (Sorry to say, that does sort of take a backseat for me here. I’m not a get the followers type of blogger, you see, as seen by my earlier explanation for why i blog)

It could go one of two ways world, and I am trying to be optimistic here.



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