Hail Mary

So I’ve been tediously obsessing lately, aka I’m going through what Tom [lovingly] refers to as a “crazy person freak out” of OCD.  Symptoms of this include: obsessingly writing out ideas all over my sketchbook, taking on tedious drawings that cause my right thumb to shake (it happens, oh well) and causing people to overuse the phrase “How….? What did you do that for?”

My most recent endeavor has been a gift for two of my family members. My dad’s side of the family is (no longer church going) Catholic, and I collect rosaries. (Not for any personal underlying belief in some sort of juju-esque property of rosary beads, but merely because I find them to be beautiful) Insert here a conversation at Nana’s 70th birthday party involving if any one of the children could recite the Hail Mary. (All stumbled through it; I knew it. Points!)

Anyways, Nana was talking about how beautiful she always thought the prayer was, while Karen (my aunt) was saying she would like to learn it. Insert Melissa’s random art project thoughts!

So, I’m in process to completing the prayer that will eventually transformed into a screen of a larger variety on a nice linen paper.

The prayer goes as follows:
Hail Mary, full of grace
The Lord is with thee
Blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb,
Holy Mary, mother of God
Pray for us sinners
Now and in the hour of our death,

Technical details:
I had to design some of my own fonts for this one, since the premise came to me (and apparently only me***) in a dreamlike fashion (gracias, Ambien). I first wrote out Amen in Helvetica, then used some sketches of rosary beads (Hail Mary’s are traditionally said with rosary beads in hand) that I had made off of the rose-beaded rosary I have from Czech.

‘Jesus’ is designed after the cross design, which is typically Celtic in nature (like my familia)
‘Full of grace’, ‘blessed […]’, ‘Holy Mary […]’,  ‘now and […]’ lines are written in a Celtic font based off of a few pages in the Book of Kells

I still have to finish up ‘hail mary’, ‘the lord is with thee’ and ‘pray for us sinners’ lines, which are currently just sized out in helvetica. Then I am going to clean up all the line work to make them crisper.

Anyways, progress is progress.


***This is assumed after a tedious search via google for similar ideas


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