Its all for Ross pt II

My lunch break was so productive. I didn’t eat anything (who needs to?), I just finished my drawing for the most part. Read pt. 1 of this entry to get the gist.

Sorry for the crappy photos. They’re taken with a cell phone (and not a ‘smart’ one at that) The full version is crooked, so the letters at the bottom appear to be extremely (relative) angled. But you can see from the close-up they’re not. I mean, they’re angled a bit but nothing I can’t alter once it’s scanned.

Note: Hand kerning/tracking is a difficult process when trying to replicate tiny typewritten text from a photocopied letter from 1988. [my life is so ridiculous, whatevs]

I love, love, love that the clocks and letters are now the same thickness. That was one of the things that was driving me NUTS before. Also, now “its all for” and “We are synchronized […]” are now matching in type styles.

Quit laughin’, that crap erks me.

And yes, some of the letters in those two phrases appear to be faded or too thick, etcetera. It’s called distressing… and it’s also called replicating the original typeface off of the letter. aka completely intentional. It’s not written in a straight line, it’s not consistently kerned/tracked, it’s not consistently typed… this was 1988 typewriter people. Not photoshop with



I got a better picture for y’all:


3 responses to “Its all for Ross pt II

  1. beautiful!and that letter is beautiful. distressed typewriter fonts are just always a fail, no way they can match up.p.s. friday is looking optimistic!

  2. I hung a printout of that letter above my desk at work. Don't worry, I'm not constantly crying at my desk. Although it is starting to look an awful lot like some memorial or something between that letter, a quote from a Franciscan priest about 9/11 and a printout of one of On's pieces. I know right? I really really really take issue with faux typewriter fonts (this is partially your fault emily) Who do they think they're fooling really?!And yay! I hope friday works.

  3. i'll have to make sure to wear my pins with it… look like a true crazy-stalker.

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