23 Sept 2011

“And to think, all it took to get you protesting again was for a gay man not to get a shout out”

So, I made the screen.

Had a fantastic day up at our old alma mater with emilyvanhoff last Friday. Spied on some work (I’ll see more in November, wasn’t much up) Saw the show up at Seerveld currently (Everyone Knows Everything) which I’ll dedicate some more time to writing about in the next few entries I make (because I loved it) Got some inter-library loan books (probably one of the best things to ever happen to me or a library… especially Trinity’s since it’s art book section is rather lacking and ILL gives us the opportunity to get books from libraries like SAIC, Columbia, DePaul, etcetera)

Anyways, the screen resulted in a t-shirt. Next round is going to result in a lot more items, I’m sure (we sort of ran out of time because of an older class’s need for the room we needed to work in… so we went to the Thrift Store instead)

In the meantime, though, I have my t-shirt and my new clocks that came in:

Gracias, Etsy. You have allowed me to now have a necklace and bracelet with clocks. Add that to the pins emilyvanhoff made me and I’ve clearly gone insane.


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