Pandora is really failing me.

So it takes me* MONTHS upon months upon months to complete my end of the project we’ve been working on. And when I do, just in time to get a mock-up printed, what happens? He gets a new stroke of genius.

And I am trying to complete the original project, because project ADD is one of my biggest issues I’m facing at this point (put it this way, I probably have close to a hundred projects “in the works” right now, simply because if I can’t get it perfect, I delay doing it, and then come up with something else to do, enabling the cycle)

Anyways, I haven’t completed it. But I’m at around 85%, which is about 4x more complete than I typically leave things.

So I get this text:

“New idea. I’ll get back to you on the deets. POGS”
(Peace out Girl Scout, for those who are like pogs? what a crappy nickname –I agree with you. it would be if it was one)

So naturally, I’m half “YAAAAAY<3333” and half “The fever has reached my brain and i’ll have to be destroyed” about this whole thing. and the YAAAAAY half takes off, and causes me to respond impatiently. I really need to get me under control. Anyways, so I get a follow up message later on.

“Idea: what if we just wrote stories based on song lyrics? You have to use every line. And you can’t just pick your sufjan shit or iron&wine, because that’s sort of cheating since they’re just storytellers anyways.” Reading it I said to myself ‘Sufjan is not shit!’ and made a disgruntled face/gesture, but I got the drift. It is kinda like cheating.

But here’s the thing. the first round of 10 stories literally took me SIX MONTHS TO FIGURE OUT. And I’m still not sure I’m done with them. And who can pick just one song? Not me. I change my mind everyday during lunch at work (when I’m reading sociology texts and practicing writing “Superb.” in 102 different font styles—watch Empire Records and get back to me).

To be a smarmy bastard (because let’s face it, it’s who I am), I asked if i could write one based off of Mychael Danna’s work on the (500) Days of Summer film (his work was instrumental, for those who don’t get the irony here… no lyrics!)

He didn’t even dignify it with a response. Now that’s self control!

Anyways! Help a sister out. I need suggestions. I should probably like the song, but don’t stress over trying to make that work if the lyrics are a good platform to start from.

And maybe while I have about 10 people working on picking a song, I can just focus on finishing this mock up so I don’t have to add a lifetime onto the “How long I’ve been working on this” list.

Yeah, right.

PS: I should clarify: Pandora is currently playing excellent music on this station, but thumbs up one Explosions in the Sky song, and be prepared for nothing but excellent instrumentals, which really isn’t helping me choose song lyrics, as much as my ears are enjoying themselves.

* = ‘us’ technically, but my OCD seems to be making it more of a personal mission to destroy myself.


2 responses to “Pandora is really failing me.

  1. So, I'm looking through your music on your Pandora stations and what I've got of it on my computer. I've already managed to eliminate practically everything. Did you ever notice all you listen to is story tellers?Maybe look into Bon Iver's new stuff? Or something from Damien Rice's 9 album, or maybe Beirut? Broken Social Scene? Celebration? Fever Ray? Radical Face? … I really have nothing left checked since I defaulted and unchecked all instrumentals before I even started.Tom

  2. Tom,Damien Rice's 9 Album is basically all stories. The only one kinda not is 9 crimes, and when you break it down there's only like nine lines in the whole song anyways since its all repetitive (but beautiful) Same with Broken Social Scene. Beirut songs tend to be kinda on the short side, or instrumental, or story-like. Celebration & Fever Ray are pretty story-telling too when you actually look at their lyrics (It's harder to tell in their music bc the words are elongated/distorted, etcetera)I thought about Radical Face but it all takes on the form of a letter rather than a story. You know? I'm gonna need to invest quite a bit of time in this, I realize.

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