It was not magnificent.

YAY so I’m finally becoming an adult. Why, you may ask? Because I drew something and fought off the urge to light it on fire (something emilyvanhoff has been trying to teach me how to do for about 3 years now)

Took the picture on my non-smart phone. (Someday I’ll invest in a scan—no, I probably won’t)
So it looks even shittier than it does in person.


2 responses to “It was not magnificent.

  1. I think it's magnificent. and i think you're magnificent, I don't look at your blog for like a week and half and suddenly there are so many words to read! you're like word machine! (people must think I'm illiterate when I comment on your blog…). but anyway, bravo! you finished a drawing and didn't burn it! and it's good! (like they always are)

  2. hahahah i hope people do. let them underestimate how smart you are so you can drop and intellectual bomb on them and ruin their lives. I'm going to try to have a total of three done that aren't lit on fire that I can show you at SARS 🙂

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