My phone is a piece of bleeeeeep

So I’ve been involved in a project since graduation that I sort of failed to mention here somehow (Possibly because of my post detailing how many projects I have in the works currently that remain incomplete)

Anyways, I’ve been using my phone as a camera, since I don’t currently own a camera. Problem being, my phone’s camera—sucks. But, I’ve made my peace knowing that I don’t intend for the photos to be blown up to some 8x10s and hung on a gallery wall. These photos are really just snapshots and studies while I sit and think (Er, move and think since I’m usually out when I’m doing this project)

So, I’ve been taking photos of paired objects. (See below for one example if you REAAAAALLY don’t get what I’m saying here) Problem is that my phone memory also sucks, not just my camera. (Put it this way and save yourself some time: My non-smart phone sucks. Period) Who knew there were so many instances of paired objects in my daily life? Maybe it’s sort of like how most people don’t notice all the coupled people when til you’re single on Valentine’s Day? Anyways…

And to settle some curiosities for the not so interested/obsessive, why, why am I taking an interest? I love paired objects. I love the way they look (Not really for the symmetry people—in fact, they don’t even need to be the exact same object) I love their conceptual framework (I over-think everything) I love their surrogacy (Repeat, I over-think everything) I just love them (I realize my last few entries have made me sound like I’m potentially constantly shroomin with all the love but I promise I’m not)

Anyways, I need to figure out how to transfer all of these before my phone inevitably explodes (It has the temperament of a “terrible twos” toddler being told they got nothing for Christmas this year) and transferring them one by one by sending them to my email is really getting out of hand. Give me ideas, por favor!

At the eye doctor… love

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