Now is the only time i know.

Two lines from all twenty songs on this CD;

Delirium Trigger: Coheed & Cambria

-Will you pray it be the end?
-Remember when we were young?

Dead Man’s Bones: Dead Man’s Bones
-You should know what’s really going down below.
-You should know that the world was built on bones.

I’ll Believe in Anything: Wolf Parade
-I’d share a life and you’d share a life
-and now I’ll believe in anything

Love Always Remains: MGMT
-Am I just someone from the past?
-but love always remains

Coconut Skins: Damien Rice
-Time is contagious; everyone is getting old.
-No need to know what you’re doing or waiting for.

If You Could Only See: Tonic
-sayin’ you love but you don’t
-you’re stretchin’ out your arms to somethin’ that’s just not there

My Number: Tegan & Sara
-And I, well, I’m not surprised
-It’s a silly time to learn to swim when you start to drown.

Blue & Yellow: The Used
-Should have said something, but I’ve said it enough.
-How amazing it feels just to live again.

Unfinished Business (White Lies): Mumford & Sons
-Just give me a second, darling, to clear my head.
-I just need more time.

Radio: Alkaline Trio
-Waking up all alone, waking up so relieved.
-in case you haven’t heard, I’m sick and tired of trying.

Kissing Families: Silversun Pickups
-seasons always shift too late.
and now i know just where i stand; thank god it’s over.

Am I Missing: Dashboard Confessional
-I’d brace myself for the impact if I were you.
-it’s a long wait for an answer.

All Things Ordinary: The Anniversary
-I’ve seen those eyes; I’ve watched them close at night.
-And you breathe in, and you breathe out again.

Alive With the Glory of Love: Say Anything
-I won’t let you down; no i won’t, no i won’t
-Okay, speed it up; go!

Teenage Dirtbag: Wheatus
-She doesn’t give a damn about me.
-Why does she give a damn about me

Everything is Alright: Motion City Soundtrack
-Give me a reason to end this discussion.
-Everything’s fine.

The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows: Brand New
-I lie for only you.
-By then, it’s you i can do without.

One Eighty by Summer: Taking Back Sunday
-Why can’t you just be happy?
-Go on, just say it.

Leaving Chicago: Knockout
-I don’t think that this will work out on its own
-I gotta get away from this; something’s keeping me from leaving; there’s nothing left for me here

Cartoon Life: Keepsake
-How they fake it, I don’t know.
-I can’t believe the things you said concerning me and my life.

This is going to be a bitch; I can already tell.

Title: Fever Ray: Now’s the Only Time I know.


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