It’s World AIDS day

Why am I posting about this?

First: Are you serious? Felix Gonzalez Torres (and Ross) and hundreds of thousands of other people have died from AIDS. In a world where it is completely preventable and curable, that is an ABOMINATION.

Second: Last year at this time they had removed a part of the Hide/Seek:Difference and Desire in American Portraiture from The National Portrait Gallery in DC. However, the Brooklyn Museum has decided to include it and some additional features.

I wish I lived in New York, reason #5392078

Furthermore, the AIDS epidemic has been a bit of an independent research project for me. (I’m a nerd, get over it) I am not embarrassed to say that I spend a good chunk of time-change in studying the cause/effect relationships informed by skewed perspectives about AIDS, gays, and poor people.

There’s a reason why a friend gave me a magnet for the side of my car saying Support AIDS Awareness.

And not that I have to defend this or justify this is any way, but no, it is not because I am gay (since I’m not, I’d love to see how that could be the cause), it’s not because I’m black (because I’m not) or any other stupid stereotype you can come up with about the “type” of people who have AIDS, or in turn, give a crap about people who do. I am straight, white, and fortunately NOT HIV positive. But I care about it. So maybe you should ask yourself why you DON’T (if that’s the case) instead of worrying about why I DO. 



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