I should be satisfied.

I started a new project (cue the hysteric laughter here… as if that’s something new)

But for real, guys, for real. I have. I’ve decided to sort of let this take front runner, rather than some of my other projects (the paired photo one, for instance, is more of a “run into it” circumstantial type project anyway, even though I love it) because I feel it’s something completely fitting with my conceptual framework (so fancy), it’s something I actually love (I’m sure this feeling with change), and it’s something I will actually do (yes, this is a factor sadly). Anyways.

Why is it so fitting? It combines some of my greatest loves. Ampersands, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, On Kawara, death, life, Banksy (hello, left field) dichtomies, Jenny Holzer, thinking, typography, etcetera (I can honestly keep going). How? Well, here’s what I will be doing:

I read a quote from Banksy in one of my random art reading tirades (i go on these more often than regular people go on vacation, but I treat them better than vacations) stating “They say you die twice. One time when you stop breathing and a second time, a bit later on, when somebody says your name for the last time.” (source) and I wrote it down in my sketchbook. Clearly, I am interested in concepts of life/death/afterlife/resurrection etcetera, so this just struck my fancy (old lady language)

Naturally, the quote had a giant circle around it with chicken scratch handwriting reading “Torres!!!!” (I write about Torres sometimes like a 13 year old girl writes about her secret crushes… I’m not ashamed) and “Holzer” (“You can live on through your descendants“). It reminded me of the resurrectional properties of his work (you can read more about that here because I’m not re-getting into it) and I wanted to do something with it but really had no clue. Then I came back to my ampersand work based on the tenous relationship of ‘and’, it’s very survival pending on the existence of at least two objects and their relationship. From there I was like bang! connection. (‘And’ implies the existence of a relationship; a person’s existence, according to Banksy’s quote, can be carried on by the second relation following the ‘and’)

And then, this is where it gets kinda weird, I heard the song “Dynamite” by Taio Cruz (you could not hate me more than I kind of do myself for saying this, trust me) and the lyrics “and it goes on and on and on”. Mix those all together, sprinkle in a bit of On Kawara’s “I am still alive” twitter readin’ (Yes, I follow On Kawara on Twitter, sue me) and you had my frame of mind for this project.

So, what the heck are you even doing? Yes, I thought you’d probably be wondering that. I am banking on the idea that you can carry on someone’s life through your own, through talking about that person and their ideas and etcetera etcetera (I get into it more in the post I linked to for resurrectional properties of Torres). So, from World AIDS day to next World AIDS day (pending my own death, of course), I’m going to make a piece everyday I talk about Torres, and blog a little about what those conversations are regarding. This daily process derives from On Kawara’s date paintings series, in which he sets out to complete a painting every day to chronicle his existence. Except here, I will be utilizing the pieces as a signifier that Torres (along with all the other collective references from Holzer to Banksy to Kawara) is (are) still alive through that work, regardless of their current physical status.

I’ve set the goal to a year because that’s how long I think it will take before the project can really fully be realized and established. If I am keeping up with it at that point and still accepting it conceptually (there’s a chance I could come up with something better and more worked out at that time) then it will continue. But, no promises (I’m not into ’em)


Title: Sufjan Stevens: Sister Winter


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