So, I’ve managed to talk about Torres every day since December 1st. How? Well, December 1 was World AIDS day, so duh. On the second, I was asked about my clock necklace (yes, I’m obsessed, okay?) The third was an anniversary of the death of someone close to me, and I wore my “It’s All for Ross” t-shirt. Three people asked me about it between going to Target and the supermarket. (On the) fourth I was talking to emilyvanhoff about clock lockets (it’s a real thing) and the debate between a “Dali clock (a la The Persistence of Memory)” and a “Felix clock” ensued.Of course, the melting was a real red flag but that’s not really the difference we were referring to. Although Dali’s clock has a “Western face” rather than Roman numerals as well, it still has an “old-timey” feel because of the pocket watch look to his clocks (the winding button at the top, for instance. The gold and silver backing, the heirloom feel, etcetera) It is much more the style found in a “steam punk” clock rather than Torres’s, which is reminiscent of a very un-personal, generic clock associated with school houses, doctors/dentists, and offices.

Anyways! Here’s what I have thus far:

Paris Ampersand (Moshik Nadav); December 1, 2011
 Herb Lubalin; December 2, 2011

Berthold Walbaum, Book; December 3, 2011
I’ll upload the next round probably tomorrow.

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