the dog days are over.

So I’ve been making stuff, obviously. A lot of stuff (for me). This is partially a result of me being in an OCD kick (I enter in and out of these stages similar to a manic-depressive) so naturally my room, my office, and most of my house (my dad’s home today, so who knows right now) is spotless. It also means that I have piles upon piles of work to show for it.

The second reason is that I always said during college (where I was an art and sociology double major, mind you), that I would have time to make work once I wasn’t in art classes anymore (you understand this is ironic/moronic, but a serious statement, if you are/ever have been an art student). But then I started working. But then I realized my lunch breaks didn’t require me to actually eat (hello college life again) so instead I make things. And for me, a two day drawing like some people you see on deviant art just isn’t a real concept. I make my stuff in 30 minutes or less (like your average restaurant, I guess). Plus I have discovered that I don’t want/need to hold myself back from making random “shit” just because I know (think?) it’s not going to be my best work. As good ol’ emilyvanhoff‘s potato print reminds me: Make shit! (Hannah Snow‘s blog updates also made me a bit jealous and wanting to make random things as well like my margins of all my notebooks from soc. classes tells you I used to)

So first comes the crap I made as a result of my maniac laughter (hence the update to the last post with the inclusion of a PoMo election campaign speech). A long time ago (hardly… it was like 2 years ago), Rowley Kennerk told us about a review of a show in which the work was referred to as a PoMo nightmare (post-modern)… and really, I don’t know if a post modern nightmare would be good or bad, but I decided to make something hilarious out of it.

It features a simple drawing of Marcel Duchamp’s The Fountain (1917) which is sort of seen as the posterchild for PoMo art (and kind of a nightmare in itself to some art theorists) I used Helvetica typeface to draw out PoMo (because what good PoMo doesn’t love a little helvetica in their life) and based the nightmare font off of the Tim Burton movie A Nightmare before Christmas (I’ve been watching it, one, but two, sort of like PoMo nightmare… the movie causes you to wonder if it really was a bad or a good thing)

Second, a semi-update for my project: (I say semi because I haven’t uploaded four of them)

Fat Face; December 13th, 2011

ITC Franklin Gothic Demi Condensed; December 4th, 2011

I’m a little less bum-tastic.


Title: Florence + The Machine: Dog Days Are Over.


2 responses to “the dog days are over.

  1. On and On. If you made the 'ON' uppercase, then you could read the whole thing upside down, and not just the apersands.Trev.

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