This too shall pass.

So, I’m extra terrible at actually updating my work. But extra good at trolling the internet and discovering things I like. (This is probably a negative, since it’s also known as wasting time)

Anyways, I have been reading some things about ampersands (nerd alert) and generally just looking at things about Felix. I’m trying to figure out what I want my project to culminate into. What I mean is that right now, its just an assortment of about 70+ drawings of ampersands on pieces of paper. I am trying to figure out how I want them to result and tie together to form some sort of body of work. But I don’t want to just mount them on pieces of paper and bind them together like some sort of scrapbook without having some sort of tie in to my conceptual framework (Look at me, maturing as an artist). I’d rather do a project purposefully (especially one I like), with intentions and thought out conceptualization (is this a word? spell-check is saying yes…wow) rather than just make something and try to back-track and choppily form some sort of half-true but mostly-BS artist statement like I did throughout at least 3/4 of college (don’t judge, you know you did too).

Anyways, clearly the research is just making me look at pretty things and random things. Some of it is actually making me think but most of it is just stuff I already have worked out and considered, which I guess is a good thing (that my thoughts are supported by other sources and not completely ridiculous). Maybe this isn’t as productive as it could be, but I feel like it will be something by the time I’m done less than 10 months from now (holy potatoes, that is nuts)


Title: OK Go: This Too Shall Pass


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