Just let your spirit rise, and don’t worry about, don’t worry about the rest.

Wow, update fail. I’d like to be able to say it was because I was too busy doing important things, but since I can’t even remember all that I’ve been doing since the last post, I’d have to assume that isn’t true. Not to mention I took pictures of the last ones before I added the “on” part. So that’s a thing.

They’re all sort of slooshed (not a word, don’t care) about on the paper, so I’m just going to write the dates and their fonts in chronological order, and then indicated what color they were so you could take a guess if you don’t recognize them.

Bell MT, Italic; February 2, 2012 (black)
ITC Garamond, Condensed Bold Italic; February 3, 2012 (black)
Helvetica Neue, 37 Thin Condensed; February 4, 2012 (blue)
ITC Benguiat Gothic, Heavy; February 5, 2012 (black outline)
PMN Caecilia, 46 Light Italic; February 6, 2012 (blue outline)
Romeo, Skinny Condensed; February 7, 2012 (black)
Chamption Gothic, Heavyweight; February 8, 2012 (black striped)
ITC Photoplay, Regular; February 9, 2012 (blue)
Auto 2, Italic; February 10, 2012 (black outline)
Trebuchet MS, Regular; February 11, 2012 (red)
Bell Centennial, Address; February 12, 2012 (black)
RNS Baruta, Black; February 13, 2012 (black outline)
Helvetica, Bold; February 14, 2012 (red)
ITC Ozwald; February 15, 2012 (black)
ITC Atalier Sans, Book; February 16, 2012 (red)
Mrs Eaves, Bold; February 17, 2012 (black)

Title: Zola Jesus: Manifest Destiny


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