So this has nothing to do with art

On the surface. So I’ve been using my Tumblr. Originally, it was really to just keep track of the pretty images I look at on the internet (aka reblog a lot of images of Torres’ work with a few images that remind me of it or quotes that I could relate back to his work slewed in between) But I’ve been reading a lot of “liberal shit” (Thanks for the term, anon, who messaged me about my re-posts) on Tumblr, and obviously reblogging some of it with comments after letting them appeal to, and get the best of, my “liberal hippie” side (Courtesy of another anon! You guys are so great! How else would I know how to describe myself without you?). I could blame this on my fierce re-blogging of Visible Children’s posts commenting on IC’s Kony 2012 campaign (Which clearly indicates I hate African children… right anon?). Or this whole Trayvon Martin thing (which clearly indicates I am one of those people that blames racism for everything?). Or I could blame this on my re-blogging of gender roles and poverty based posts and their respective research (Oh, good Lord. This could result in calling me any number of things, as I saw). But, really, I started re-blogging these things because there really isn’t a separation (for me) between my art and my sociology work. Let’s be serious. I couldn’t separate the two of them if I tried.

I’ve been getting a lot of “feedback” from both anon’s and registered users of Tumblr. Some of it in agreement, some of it constructively critical/thoughts to chew on, and some of it just hate speech. But I am reveling in it. I’m not even going to lie. Even the haters of the Tumblr world/internet (who send quite lovely messages about “us liberals” being all the same and obnoxious [I’m making it more polite and censored than most of it is]) are making me positively giddy. Not with judgment, although it would be easy to find myself in that boat. Yes, some of it is rage resulting from uninformed opinions that are blindly formed based on political party affiliation, upbringing, popular opinion, homophobia, racial/gender privilege, etcetera. But, seeing people care, even if they’re absolutely wrong or ridiculous or rude or even hypocritical, makes me happy. Why? Because this fricken world is full of so much apathy that sometimes it just completely overwhelms me and makes me sick.

I’ve been real apathetic about this blog lately. I’ve sort of been in a “book hangover”, courtesy of Camus, Cioran, Kafka, Orwell, and Malcom X. But rest assured, I have been drawing, and keeping up with the Torres-Ampersand project. But, I’ve been failing to post and I know it. I’ll get back on it after this week. I say that in seriousness, as I have the un-erasable internet here to hold me accountable.


2 responses to “So this has nothing to do with art

  1. is this what matt was telling me about? I mean you are a disgusting liberal hippie who clearly hates children and blames everything on race and gender, you feminist commie black panther movement member!wait…

  2. Matt probably said a lot of things. But yes, I told him about some of the crazy messages I got. Just because I'm reading the autobiography of Malcom X doesn't mean I've ever had the desire to join the Black Panthers. HahahaI've respectfully responded to every one of the messages, except for one. I can't think of a nice way to say anything, and "Fuck off" really seems completely hypocritical and inappropriate.

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