Working from an Image to completion, pt IV/Good Lord this Nature Valley bar is delicious

I’m typing this over lunch, where I’m eating a Nature Valley “Roasted Nut Crunch” bar of the Almond Crunch variety. It’s basically this gluten free bar of roasted almonds, peanuts, and sunflower seeds. In short, it’s basically delicious.

Now, since I’m apparently advertising products on my blogs before posts, to get back to what I’m supposed to be posting about:

 It’s not finished, but I feel like you at least get the point. I’ll probably add the finished one once I actually take a picture of it (Given my skills in evasion and procrastination, this task takes far longer than it seems, so I wouldn’t hold my breath).

How do I finish up a drawing?

Continue building up shades. Create a softer look by overlapping pencil in the opposite direction. If you don’t want to darken the value while doing this, you can press very lightly, or press an eraser on top of the shading once desired blending is achieved to pull some pencil away (explained in next tip)

Add Highlights. I skim the surface of my paper with a kneaded eraser tip lightly to slowly take away pencil shading (This was especially valuable for the strings of his hoodie on the background) DO NOT MAKE EVERYTHING WHITE IN THIS. Legit, I mean it when I say lightly. You take off value as lightly as you (are supposed to) put it on. And when I say tip of an eraser, I mean I form it around a sharpened pencil tip so it doesn’t cut into places I don’t want it to go. This helps you to “carve out” your figure. If you need to pull away value over larger areas of your drawing, simply flatten the kneaded eraser and press lightly against the drawing. Pull back. It pulls it off a bit at a time.

Consider Display: I expanded my background to accommodate the frame I found at a thrift store to put it in. Please take display into consideration when setting up a size for your drawing. If it’s not going to be framed regardless, who cares. But if you are framing, consider if you want to just get it a generic frame, if you want to have one custom built/or can build it yourself. It’s not hard to build a frame if you have a semi-decent knowledge of woodworking AND access to tools.

Add details. This was more complicated to show with this image, because it was originally over saturated, higher contrast and out of focus a bit. So, not as many details came through, which is especially noticeable around the eyes. But, I was able to pull out some differentiation between the eyes and the eye lid line. Typically, you’ll have pupils, reflections, etcetera to focus on with the eyes. Then, the subtle skin wrinkles one gets around the eyes and mouth. There will be hair detailing to deal with as well. I will go more into hair later on with another tutorial because I know its somewhere a lot of people struggle and I used to as well. But do not underestimate how much of a difference including these details and getting them right can make.


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