Love Always Remains

MP 2012
Ink on paper

So like I said, I’ve been making these for a friend. And I only planned on doing three (I’ve posted two now), but I’m sort of liking doing them, so I may just shoot for, like, twelve.

Anyways, this one in particular: I had a realization. It looks like Pocahantas (Disney version, sorry). Maybe it’s the boat and the hair blowing, or something, but it’s channeling repressed Disney movie watching (I watched a LOT of Pocahantas, guys. I even had a Pocahantas sweater) I had to fight off the urge to draw a raccoon in the background, just for kicks, because I’m dumb and excellent at ruining art pieces like that.

Anyways, peace out.

Title: MGMT: Love Always Remains


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