Felix! Tattoo!

After drawing these clocks on me/having them drawn on me for periodic times for about a year, I finally got my tattoo with emilyvanhoff from the good people at the Tattoo Factory (more specifically Juan, but I’m sure they’re all great). He did a wonderful job and now that the whole thing is healing, it looks perfectly imperfect, just like Torres’ drawing. Unfortunately it didn’t hurt at all, but was rather relaxing/cathartic; in fact, if it wasn’t for the hilarious conversations emily and I were having during, I probably could have fallen asleep. I say unfortunately because it just reaffirms my need to get my next one (it’s probably a lovely sign I’ve got multiples planned out at once, right?) in a very timely fashion. Insert this:

These three birds were based off of Felix’s series of photos of birds (his most consistent practice, actually, even though he’s not even known for them). Abby and emily have both responded with “Conquering your fear?” in regards to the birds (I’m known for my ‘irrational’ fear of ‘herd’ birds, lay off) but it really has to do with a combination of things. Three has been a significant number in my life, not just because of the trinity (hah), but most of my significant events in my life have somehow been surrounded by the digit, in a completely non-superstitious sort of way. Not to mention that the concept of birds has taken on a very new meaning for someone who used to scream and run in fear when she saw a seagull even consider flying towards her (And I like to think it all started when I found that dead bird outside by my I Have Fear piece). My life has taken a very unexpected turn from where I thought it would go just a few years ago, in a surprisingly good way, even if things seem like they sort of stink recently. Because of how things stink, I actually had a much needed conversation with Nick, then again with Cari, then again with Cari and Nick (That’s right, a three part conversation, with three people). Anyways, it led to some personal realizations about myself and about others, and some much needed changes taking place. And then resulted in us deciding we needed to keep “Moment of Clarities” on hand, which turned into getting tattoos as a permanent reminder of things we need to hold on to. All very sentimental blah-blah, like all of my tattoos have been. But it also comes in nice forms, aesthetically speaking. These birds will be cleaned up and put on the right side near my collar bone as soon as humanly possible. Hooray.



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