Oh so insistent

So, this is random, but I have five clocks in my office, and only two show even close to the correct time (One is my computer clock, which is usually right, and the other is our phone clock, which has an ‘irregular heartbeat’, clearly, since it varies by day whether it’s fast or slow).

To be clear, I was okay with that, because let’s be real, I love Felix, and it didn’t hurt that two of the three non-functioning clocks were stuck around four after ten (aka the approx time for Torres’ clock drawing on his letter to Ross) Anyways, the maintenance man fixed two of my clocks today, because it was apparently bothering him. I was a little dismayed at this, because I kind of viewed it as a peaceful sign of sorts, but I let it go after a quick text to emilyvanhoff.

Lo and behold, I come back from lunch and errands, and one of the two clocks has quit working again. This sounds like I am the owner of a broken clock, but I am maintaining that this particular clock (which looks a lot like a Felix clock, by the way) has raised its hypothetical fist in the air to say “Damn the man!”

I am so in love with my fantasy world. Hah


Blog title: Andrew Bird’s Oh so Insistent


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