Post Bacc: Liz Collini

Liz Collini
Transport Museum, Bury 2011 (A Map of You)
Approx 100 cm x 100 cm
Chalk on blackboard (image; Tony Trehy)

Artist Statement (taken from website): I make different forms of texts using simple but often ambiguous words and phrases, mostly through printmaking and drawing. The written word holds many paradoxes, not least those of absence and presence. There are gaps and overlaps between reading and viewing, text and image, the hand and the machine. I try to create breathing spaces in which we can pause and look back at language. Whole narratives can be compressed into a single word or familiar phrase. The drawings’ resemblance to plans and blueprints reflects the strange provisionality of written language; the things about which we write are always elsewhere. I work only with Times New Roman (the default font) and my own handwriting to minimize questions of typography.

I know I’ve posted this image on here before, but it just sort of sticks with me. I (obviously) do a lot of type based work as of late, especially with the ampersands and the city maps alphabet I produced. And most of that work focuses on the conceptual thoughts surrounding written language rather than the aesthetic forms of letters (although those are taken into consideration as well) I find myself interested in the idea of the “transparency” of language; socio-linguistics and semantics, etcetera.

Anyways, I’ll update this with the project I work out, as well as some elaboration on the formal aspects and conceptual aspects picked out from Collini’s work.



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