Post Bacc: September! (Explanations)

So I received this suggestion from a friend embarking on his post-bacc journey this year in September, and I thought it was a good idea to sort of keep myself, as well as a few friends, on track in our art lives.

“This will involve weekly blogging, in which two entries are required. This assignment should begin the week of September 2nd and culminate after 36 weeks, which would be the week of May 5th. 
First entry: A piece that sticks out to you, whether it be notoriously art-history filled, or something you see in a local gallery. This piece can either re-enforce your artistic framework/studio practice, or negate it completely. But your Monday (or Sunday, whichever) entry should be a post featuring an image of this work, some details about it (title, artist, year, medium) as well as anything you find relevant context wise, and commentary from you regarding the piece’s formal/contextual/content elements. 
Second entry:sketchbook piece made in that style. This doesn’t mean copying said piece, but just sitting on elements featured in it. The sketchbook piece is not required to be a full-on execution; in fact, it’s not intended to be. It could be a small drawing/small scale execution of the piece, or even just a proposal for a piece with specific details. Make some attempt to argue why this piece fits the style, formally or content-wise, of the original piece, or you can even discuss how it SUCCESSFULLY negates the original piece. (If you’re looking for negates, think De Kooning vs Lichtenstein ‘big brush’. It should use style elements or content of the original; that’s part of the challenge.)
Furthermore, you are encouraged to share readings, thoughts, quotes, images, etcetera that are possibly contributing to your artistic practice during the week as well in additional entries.”

Peace out, I’m going to give it a go, starting today.



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