Post Bacc: Week One: Thoughts

So I’ve been reading some things regarding sociolinguistics and linguistic anthropology (no one likes me, I know) focusing a lot on linguistic relativity (this should come as no surprise). Anyways, my life sort of began to fall apart as I considered the concepts presented more and more (I often wane back and forth between the idea of acknowledging language’s fluidity and effect on my life, and not, because ironically, understanding language’s effect is understood in a certain type of language, which only accentuates the point and complicates my life when I delve too far in), so I realize I should probably have stopped. But I didn’t. 

Even the term “falling apart” is loaded. It’s something we are taught we should be hesitant about, something we should avoid at all costs, because it’s chaotic and emotionally taxing; in short, it sucks. But in my personal life right now, I’m sort of seeing that falling apart could be the only answer a few of us have left and the most necessary, productive thing.

Things/thoughts I’ve been sitting on in light of this:  

I used to think that the way to be strong was to be tough. I used to think that to be independent was to not need anyone.

-Portia De Rossi

I’m workin on my project. And I like it. Weird.



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