Post Bacc: Week One: Project

Untitled (Matura MT Script) 
MP 2012
Pencil on paper
Approx 4×6 inches

Elements picked from original piece: I focused on the use of the very rigid process of hand-replicating type. For those who have never tried, it’s a fairly intense process of measuring every little angle and line to make sure you get the proportions correct, because after all, it’s not supposed to look like your handwriting.

Although it would be easier to just trace said word/symbol, I like the process of actually getting to intimately know how a character is formed, and I believe that meticulously hand-drawn aspect reflects formally the conceptual elements of the ampersand itself.

The rigid measurement lines actually serve to give something so conceptually tenuous an element of stability, and therefore the implication of permanence. Those same geometric lines also lend themselves to being quite a contrast to the ampersand itself’s calligraphic style and organic formal properties. The slightly architectural style of drawing (its “blueprint” like elements) seem to hint at a build-up of sorts, which I also appreciate conceptually, reflecting on the implications of an ampersand. It’s sort of strange how the same elements actually function in opposite directions, though, because although the structured lines hint at stability and permanence, the blue-print like quality gives the object/drawing itself a tenuous, “provisional” nature because of the function of blueprints (blueprints function as a paper-plan prototype, a substitute for the real thing, which give them an element of disposability). This serves to reflect/highlight my studio practice of examining the seeming dichotomy between temporality and permanence in light of the human condition, albeit reflected in language itself, a character’s conceptual property (&’s tenuousness based on the tenuousness of the connection between two objects, events or people), etcetera.

I also like the emphasis on the negative space surrounding the ampersand’s form; it helps to highlight how the form works together as a whole and relates to its other parts and space surrounding. 

I actually liked how this turned out. It took forever, I’m not going to lie, and I definitely had to fight the urge to just be like “what-the-fuck-ever” and burn it.



2 responses to “Post Bacc: Week One: Project

  1. this makes me so freaking happy. and i'm glad you didn't what-the-fuck-ever-burn-it.

  2. Hahahahaha I knew you'd enjoy it. I'm in the process of making another one, but as I continue to move on with different projects every week, it's turning into a pain in the ass.

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