Post Bacc: Week Two: Nele Azevedo

Nele Azevedo
Installation of 1000 ice figures on the steps of Berlin’s Gendarmenmarkt Square in 2009.

An installation carried out in the summer, the message sought to address the issue of climate change, with the melting men all falling into their watery grave in a manner of minutes. But, I like that is obviously can serve as a larger metaphor for the implications of temporality; getting to literally watch something collapse before your eyes, in reference specifically to the human condition/human form. I talked about Oscar Munoz’s work of making charcoal drawings that sit on the surface of water and slowly sink, and his portrait drawings on hot stones that keep drying and disappearing when I made my soap sculptures. Although the medium of soap does degrade and break down, that requires water; I like that the ice’s specific properties almost make its decomposition autonomous (of course it’s impacted by the sun/heat generated from light in general, but that’s an atmospheric thing that doesn’t really require pre-planning; that is, if you set ice sculptures in any gallery under normal display conditions, they would dissipate because of ice’s properties. Whereas running water in regards to the soap carvings I did would have to be a pre-meditated act that was documented, or some form of water would have to become part of the medium. Materials’ properties have become something I’ve sort of been obsessed with; That is, I’ve become concerned with which materials have properties that fit along conceptually, rather than just resorting to using materials that I am comfortable with using.



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