Koi Fish [Hired Gun]

 So I started a design request of a Koi fish.

The concept: Two koi fish in a circular pattern to represent a yin and yang (Taijitu symbol).
Style: Traditional Japanese
Color palette: B&W or traditional colors.

Notes I took were as follows:

  • Yin: Feminine, associated with water
  • Yang: Masculine, associated with fire
  • The Taijitu represents a balance, complementary rather than competing forces, which are equal.

What this meant to me was that the fish needed to be the exact same design only flipped, so as to make sure the balance was formally equal. Furthermore, because it is to be Japanese traditional, the color palettes are to be true to life rather than imagined. The eye of each fish will function as the smaller circle in each half of the Taijitu.

Black and White Version
-Black and white are the traditional colors associated with a yin-yang symbol and are colors opposing on value scales. They are also colors Koi fish come in. 

  • Kohaku Koi: White fish with small red marks on top
  • Showa Sanshoku Koi: Black fish with red and white markings on top.

Concerns: The scales on the black fish are easily washed out if the gradient isn’t done right. Likewise, the white fish’s scales’ outlines might overpower the white aspects of the fish.

Colors chosen (Blue and Orange)
-Blue and Orange are complimentary on the color wheel, and would create a balance. They are also colors typically associated with water and fire. And, Koi fish come in these colors.

  • Asagi Koi: Light blue with pale yellow belly
  • Ogon Koi: Metallic, typically orange or yellow in color

 MP, 2013
I still have yet to work any coloring out. But here’s the base of the design.
Only 20/23 more of these to go.


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