Floral Sleeve [Hired Gun]

Floral Sleeve
MP 2013

I’ve been designing tattoos recently for people quite regularly, and now these people have expanded more into strangers asking. That’s cool news, guys.

Anyways, she wanted an upper sleeve (stretches from shoulder to elbow) of 12 flowers she chose whose symbolism reflects the stages of life, grief, love and peace. I thought it was awesome (who’s shocked? no one?). She wanted it to come in colored and uncolored design, because she wanted to get the outline initially and then get a watercolor esque coloring done in which some flowers wouldn’t be completely colored.

Flowers (from top to bottom)

  • Lily: Unconditional love, compassion and mercy
  • Camellia: Gratitude and admiration
  • Morning Glory: Mortality and resurrection
  • Tulip: Rebirth, perfect love
  • Pansy: Memories, thoughts
  • Daisy: Purity, patience and loyalty
  • Daffodil: rebirth, new beginnings
  • Mexican Sunflower: Adoration and endurance
  • Rose: Remembrance, honor, love
  • Blue Bells: Everlasting love, gratitude and humility
  • Poppy: Eternal life, rest and repose, sleep/death, remembrance
  • Iris: Faith, hope in sorrow

19/23 to go!


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