Festina Lente/Emily van Hoff

So after a nice mini facebook chat with emily about “festina lente” (Make haste slowly) and a slight misunderstanding on my part, I started thinking about weird combinations of items.

Festina lente is traditionally represented by a dolphin and an anchor, but it’s other forms include:

  • A Rabbit in a snail shell
  • A Chameleon and a fish
  • A Crab and a butterfly
  • A diamond ring entwined with foliage

(To settle any guesses, I thought it was a chameleon fish diamond… I get ahead of myself sometimes)

Anyways, we were talking about it as a mini branding idea for emily since emily actually does quite tedious things rather quickly but still technically sound (1000 paper cranes folded with your left hand, anyone? Or her hilarious attempt to change her natural handwriting to Helvetica….). Anyways, it’s a traditional printmaker’s mark, which is the perfect place to find yourself combining both visual art and graphic design elements. And it’s quite quirky (Hello, emily‘s left-field projects) but still aesthetically sound (Hello, emily).

So I got this idea where I wanted to combine all of them, but in order to do that I thought I should first draw them all out individually since internet searches were merely giving me strange (possibly, (hopefully?) taxidermied) animal combinations… like this:

So I started drawing them out, and I remembered that emily has this thing for making e’s (the only thing she makes more is ampersands, and even that’s close) so I drew these symbols making a lower case E (or generally in the vicinity of it.. some of them were really hard)

Festina Lente: Dolphin and Anchor
Festina Lente: Rabbit in a Snail Shell
 Festina Lente: Crab and Butterfly
Festina Lente: Fish and Chameleon
Festina Lente: Diamond and Foliage
Whatever, I’m doing shit. 

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