Random Things I’ve Been Making

I drew an origami crane for emily. 
MP, 2013
I stitched an ampersand as an exercise in 1) learning how to stitch better (clearly needs work) and 2) working out the construction of relationships and their tenuousness. AKA matching the conception to the materiality of the piece.
MP, 2013

I did line drawings of both a photo of a water wave and a close up of bed sheets and transposed them on top of one another. it ended up looking vaguely like a topographic map, which lead me down a different (tangential) road. I’ve been interested in topographic maps’ distinction from regular maps (While most maps allow a person to measure distance between points, a topographic map allows a person to determine the height or depth of the terrain and the steepness of slopes) in terms of regular maps function to construct or recompose designated areas to make them handheld and understood whereas topographic maps highlight altitude changes from an aerial view that provides a deeper understanding of an area’s physical character than mere directions and their relationship to other things (ie the road to the left of the river to the back of the store front, etc). I don’t know exactly where that’s going but I sure took a lot of notes about it in my sketchbook so I must have thought eventually somewhere. For me, it kind of mirrored my mental health status over the progression of my life in terms of all measurable units of time.



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