Bird & Flowers [Hired Gun]

Western Meadowlark and Prairie Roses
Chalk and Marker work-up
MP, 2013

So I was asked to design a tattoo for a friend, and kind of loved that all my bird studies (finally) came in handy. So there’s this bird called the Western Meadowlark, and it has this beautifully bright, almost obnoxious, yellow chest and head markings, with these almost Dalmatian-like spotted sides. And it’s a little chubby thing; a butterball type bird that I just found endearing, even though if you google search it, you find a lot of pictures of this bird mid-squawk. She also wanted pink prairie roses. Which, I’m not going to lie, I know jack shit about flowers so I had to look those up. Anyways, for those of us playing at home, you may know these are the state bird and state flower for North Dakota, respectively. Her mom had recently passed and she wanted to get something with her sister commemorating her (she’s from ND)

The concept: Western Meadowlark and Prairie Roses
Color palette: Color; traditional realistic style.
Include: 2-3 flowers, a non-flying, perched bird

And, here’s the tattoo, courtesy of Abby


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